The Anthemics Wedding Band

A background on who we are...

Lee Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitars

Lee possesses all the qualities of a first class frontman. With his superb vocal abilities and charismatic stage persona he is always guaranteed to get the party going and the crowd on the dance floor!

Lee's setup includes...

  • Gibson guitars
  • Epiphone guitars
  • Peavey amps
  • Boss effects
  • Fulltone effects
  • Beyer dynamic mics

Andy Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals

Experienced in his playing and always true to the original songs, Andy brings all the guitar licks, solos and prowess to the stage and his backing vocals are always there to help compliment the harmonies!

Andy's setup includes...

  • Fender guitars
  • Gibson guitars
  • Fender amps
  • Boss effects
  • Shure mics

Ben Bass Guitar

Ben is known as a tight solid player who can adapt to many styles of music. He brings a great groove to the band and is always a joy to watch on those super funky tracks!

Ben's setup includes...

  • Fender guitars
  • Epiphone guitars
  • Ashdown amps
  • Gallien Krueger cabs
  • Boss effects

Gripper Drums and Percussion

Earning his nickname for his incredibly strong grip, Gripper can be one massive power house when the songs require. He has many years of experience playing all over the world and is sure to get the crowd moving to his beat!

Gripper's setup includes...

  • Premier drums
  • Yamaha drums
  • AD drums
  • Sabian cymbols
  • Zildjian cymbols